Stroop Test Online - The Stroop Effect

Online Stroop Test - The Stroop Effect

Most humans are so proficient at reading printed words that they cannot easily ignore them. In fact it takes considerable attentional effort to ignore them. This tendency to quickly read a word is used in the Stroop Test.

The Stroop Task or Test is a psychological test of our mental vitality and flexibility. The task takes advantage of our ability to read words more quickly and automatically than we can name colors. If a word is printed or displayed in a color different from the color it actually names; for example, if the word "green" is written in blue ink we will say the word "green" more readily than we can name the color in which it is displayed, which in this case is "blue." 

The cognitive mechanism involved in this task is called directed attention you have to manage your attention, inhibit or stop one response in order to say or do something else. 

Note: Please be aware that this example of the Stroop test is presented here purely as a reference. Everyone has trouble with the stroop test and any problems completing the test will not immediately indicate an attention problem.

Stroop Test Online is not liable for your bad results you receive at any time. That's you own cognition's fault.

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Start the Online Stroop Test:

In this task, you will be presented with a series of color words (black, blue, yellow, green, red). These words will appear in different colors, sometimes matching the word (e.g., the word blue, written in blue), and sometimes not matching the word (e.g., the word blue, written in red). Your job is to indicate, as quickly and accurately as possible, the color in which the word is written, whether or not that matches the word itself. Click the button that matches the color of the word. Try not to pay attention to the word, but just the color.


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